Kong, Cult, and SPF Entertainment

July 10th, 2021 - Streaming LIVE


Guests & Features


The debut of a new headliner from SPF Entertainment, this LIVE event features a screening of iconic director Jackie Kong’s two most influential horror works – The Being (1983) and Blood Diner (1987). Both films are loved for for their extensive gore, zany plots, distinct characters and are therefore heralded as cult favorites in the horror genre. In addition to the screening of both films, Jackie Kong herself will be sharing stories (some never told before!) about the films, the actors, her process, and even how her career came to be during breaks.

Please join us July 10th for this entertaining trip through cult horror history. We are so excited for everyone to see what has been a secret year-long production endeavor, and look forward to planning future events !

- Shelby Jones & Patrick Farmer, Exective producers and Event hosts

Featured Director

Jackie Kong

The Queen of Cult herself offers stories, technical insight, and other behind the scenes info on her pivotal films and career in general. Patrons of SPF Entertainment will even get an exclusive ranked list of the top maragaritas in the west! 

In addition to sharing her insight and experiences making the features films presented, Jackie also talks about her career and some new projects she has been working on and hopes to share soon.


Shelby Jones

Shelby’s brash delivery and interesting perspective will be tested with the cinematic material presented in this double feature. Can he unpack Jackie’s madness? Oh, he also wrote the scripted segments!


Patrick Farmer

The man with the magic email address – Patrick was pivotal in getting Jackie on board and lends his extensive (some say obsessive) expertise in cult horror. He’s also in charge of editing this thing…

Trivia Master

Brandi Vickers

Our resident trivia maven returns for some big time questions for a big time premiere. This time, instead of torturing the boys, she has an entire live audience to slaughter. Thinking caps on!

Featured Artist

Lukas Ketner

A modern muse, Lukas is a supremely talented comic artist commissioned to come up with the official poster to commemorate this special event! You can see his work in the Count Crowley: Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter comic series penned by David Dastmalchian and published by Dark Horse

Schedule of Events (EST)

Exclusive Signed Print

A special exclusive opportunity for event goers! You can purchase an 11×17″ print signed by the cast and Jackie Kong herself! 

In addition to the commissioned poster, Jackie is offering autographs on prints from her catalog – the options will be posted soon!

Because of the logistics of facilitating remote autograph signings, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

In addition to the exclusive poster offer, Jackie is offering signed copies of the “German Art” Blood Diner poster, pictured at left.


Fans interested in buying this can pay and arrange shipping with Jackie directly through Venmo: